Traffic Management Made Simple

Our Mission

Technical Experience

We are experienced in a variety of traffic management systems through creating disruptive encrypted technology and collaborations with incredible companies that execute. We are a proficient team of collaborators who believe transportation systems are not as efficient as they were designed and are increasingly becoming antiquated.

Speed with Confidence

The transportation grid is under immense pressure to innovate and simplify. BTS uses encrypted technology with a rate of speed over 10,000 times faster than Bitcoin while using a fraction of the energy per transaction. We will help you understand how to plan for your traffic management needs and invest in your infrastructure.

How we will do it?

We have partnered with former FAA UTM architects and ATM policy writers, Sirqul led by the co-creator of AWS (Amazon Web Services), top Universities in computer science and various consulting companies to develop the Infra Link virtual air traffic management software platform for the 21st Century. 

About Us

We were initially created to integrate the emerging VTOl sector with traditional aviation, drones, and autonomous terrestrial vehicles.
The Jetson's age of technology is closer than you think

There are multiple companies testing drone delivery and VTOL passenger delivery to be commercialized within this decade. Technology needs to be agile, reliable, and secure to facilitate adoption. We will be ready to meet the opportunity with confidence and a proven track record.


We were already developing the infrastructure link software long before we were officially incorporated. Creating disruptive technology is a laborious process that requires discipline, expertise, and flexibility to adapt to changing timelines. BTSI uses a blockchain over an IOT platform with proprietary features led by a capable team.